Trading is the Best Small Business Idea

I’ve learned many small business ideas from my mentors. Trading is one of the best because once mastered, it can be duplicated over and over again. How will my trading strategies benefit your quest to making money? You will have a mathematical edge using these strategies.

Trading will no longer be emotional it will just be following rules. It will show you how succeeding is about controlling risk and maximizing profits!

There are three types of trading. Day trading, swing trading, and position trading. All three have their own advantages. What they all have in common unlike traditional investing that most people are used to is a plan.

See when most people invest they just park their money and hope the market goes up. They have no clue when the will protect against losses and even worse when they will take profits.

There are two ways to analyze entering and exiting positions. They are referred to as technical and fundamental. My analysis is 99.9% technical which means all I really do is look at price charts. All of my mentors I learned to trade from all agreed that technical analysis is the key to making consistent profits.

Technical Analysis

Many people want to learn what is referred to as the art of making money. If you can predict market direction, you can make some serious money.

Technical analysis is a huge part of making money as a trader. It’s basically like a language and there are people that speak it and others that don’t. If you know how to speak the “language of technical analysis” you can be a very successful trader.

The reason I say “can be a successful trader” is because there are obviously other aspects of trading that must be learned to be successful, various strategies and position sizing just to name a few. If you learn technical analysis you will know when to get in and out of your positions.

Of course you will be wrong sometimes about your entries and exits that why you need to learn how to control risk by using stop losses and hedging techniques.

In you learn technical analysis and combine it with option strategies; you will make a lot of money! If however you don’t learn technical analysis, you won’t know when to get in and out of positions; this is more or less like shooting in the dark.

The reason technical analysis works is simple. By looking at a chart you’re looking at human activity. The reason is prices move up and down because humans are buying and selling something. All of these humans are looking at the same chart as they buy and sell a certain stock.

People have very powerful emotions while they’re trading stocks. By looking at a chart technical analysts can tell at what prices will the stock most likely go up or down. By knowing the language of technical analysis you’re simply looking for patterns that occur over and over again every day in the market.

If you know patterns that tend to repeat themselves you have the advantage of knowing what will most likely happen to prices next.
The reason technical analysis is the art of making money is because it is an art.

None can ever be right about direction all of the time. All successful traders have some kind of edge that allows them to succeed over time and for many of them technical analysis is their advantage.

My strategies all have specific plans behind them. I know exactly when I’m going to cut losses and exactly when to take profits before I even get into a trade. It turns a small business idea into a systematic process that produces profits!

Contrary to what you might have been told in the past, the best way to reduce losses and maximize profits is by using options. Options are the backbone of most successful traders. I will prove this to you! Learning how to trade options is the biggest step in making serious money in the markets.
I will focus on two types of trading, swing trading and position trading. Swing trading is being in a position anywhere from 2-20 days. It is a quick way to make consistent money.

Swing Trading

There are many quick money making ideas. Swing trading is one of the most consistent, profitable, and quick strategies I use to make money. Let’s begin with what swing trading is all about.

Swing is entering a position and exiting anywhere from 1-20 days later. It can be done in any type of financial market using any type of financial instrument. I use stocks and options for my swing trading income.

The strategy is very systematic meaning there is a very specific plan that must be followed to succeed. The Idea behind this type of trading is to map out a plan before you’re ever in a trade which allows you to keep your emotions out of the equation.

Also, there are pre-defined entries and exits for every trade. By doing this you’re controlling risk. This is the most important part of succeeding. The other thing your plan must have is guidelines for every trade.

For example, you only enter a long trade if the underlying is above its 20 day moving average and on some kind of support. You only enter a trade where you can make at least twice what you’re risking most of the time three times or more what you’re risking.

By doing this it allows you to be right less than half of the time and still make money. So, the only thing left to do is learn how to find setups that work most of the time. Then you simply implement your plan.

So, what’s the best way to find setups? The answer is leveraging other people’s time, technology, and knowledge. There are systems that will scan every stock in the market for the setup that you’re looking for! That technology combined with a solid trading plan is all you need to succeed.

The more you follow the markets the easier it will be to find your own setups. However, multiple minds along with technology is the best way to find great setups.

There are lots of quick money making ideas. Swing trading is one of the best because it’s systematic, very profitable, and easy to learn. Swing trading is a great way to start making consistent profits in the markets. Get started now!

Position trading is being in a position for anywhere from 15-90 days. Both my swing and position trading strategies are options oriented because I control risk better and have larger potential rewards.

Position Trading

There are lots of ways to start making extra money. Position trading is one that can make consistent profits over time. Position trading is being in a trade for anywhere from 15-90 days.

Position trades without a doubt need to be options oriented. The reason is no matter what your position is you have to be either be reducing your risk or generating income over time. By using options it allows you to do both at the same time.

The purpose of most of trades is to generate what is known as positive theta of positive time decay. There is one constant in the world of options and the people making all of the money are the ones taking advantage of it. Those who consistently lose money are most likely working against this unstoppable factor.

Every day that passes option premium erodes. If you’re the seller of those options that is a good thing. For buyers it’s bad. My position trades are meant to be in a position where I’m the seller of options that are eroding in price day by day so they will either expire worthless or I will buy them back for cheaper than what I sold them for.

Positive theta is my mathematical edge in my position trades. I’m making extra money on my trades because I learned how to generate income from them.

Most people have a portfolio of stock and they have no idea they could be generating income from their stocks. In my position trades I have a portfolio of options and I generate income off of those options. This is much less risky and has greater profit potential than owning stock long term.

For my mentors, making extra money from their investments is a bonus that reduces risk. By learning how they did this completely changed my financial life. Learn how to trade like a market maker!


Many money making ventures create an extreme time consuming burden. These types of small business ideas won’t. They both have their own advantages.

There are some aspects of trading that are universal no matter what strategies you decide to employ. I wish I was learned these aspects before I started trading! If wasn’t until later when I finally got what trading was all about then at that point I realized I could trade any strategy I wanted because I had the fundamentals down. I recommend these products because the all played a role in developing my trading career!

Small business ideas are everywhere. Finding proven ones that work and finding mentors who have been there done that is the hard part.

Implementing a business that can be done on a part time basis that could make you more money than any other business in the world is the ultimate goal. Your money can work for you much faster than you can work for money! You just have to learn how.

So, I hope this information was useful in developing trading ideas and furthermore a trading plan that works for you.