How to Find Niche Business Ideas – Your Niche Finder Plan of Action

Business ideas and the term find a niche, is no longer as relevant in today’s highly competitive market as it used to be. Now the growing term that’s a more accurate description to use is having a niche finder plan of action. This is raises the bar. Why? Because when you have a niche finder plan of action, it takes the limits off. In addition, you position yourself for more consistent results than ever before.

With a system in place, how to find niche business ideas can become more routine, as opposed to hit and miss. Now your creative imagination rules, and as a result you’re given more control. The only limitation is the one you place on yourself. Here’s a quick niche finder plan of action for you to use. Ask yourself the following questions to shake your brain into giving you profitable niche business ideas.

A. The Power Behind The 7 Questions

The questions will help you to focus your natural creativity much like a laser pointer on a sharpshooters rifle. This is one advantage this action plan will instantly give you. The other advantage you’ll have is that few if any of your competitors ask themselves these powerful questions, and the few that do ask them inconsistently. Consistent application by asking yourself these question is where the power is, that’s the secret sauce that makes this plan of action work.

You may discover simply reading the questions and thinking about them will often spark an idea on your first try. But don’t stop with just one reading. Do it for at least 7 days in a row, minimum. After doing that you may have to stop for awhile because you’ll get so many rich, profitable ideas it could overwhelm you. I suggest you develop a way to organize your ideas. For example, you can create a spreadsheet or other filing system to keep the ideas you’ll get organized.

B. The Plan of Action

I suggest you read through these questions at least 3 times a day. Once in the morning, once at midday and once before going to bed. Or better yet, type the questions out and hang them where you can see them throughout the day. Doing this will give you the best results, if you want to keep profitable ideas coming.

Science has long proved one of the best ways to jumpstart your brain and natural creativity into giving you answers, ideas and solutions is to ask it relevant questions. Use this simple but powerful checklist to pull ideas from your brain and natural creativity. Read through these idea generating questions for at least 7 days and be convinced of their power and effectiveness. Here they are.

Idea Generating Questions To Ask Yourself:

1.What Benefit Can I Adapt From Another successful Product of Service To Make Mine Better?

2. What Benefit Can I Add To My Product or Service To Make Mine Better?

3. What Can I Make Easier or More Convenient for My Customers?

4. What Service Am I Willing To Do That Others Don’t Like To Do That Will Give Me An Advantage?

5. What Inconvenience or Risk Can I Eliminate For My Customers?

6. What Benefit Can I Enlarge or Expand For My Customers?

7. What Benefits or Features Can I Make Faster or Speed Up To Improve My Product of Service?

Your niche finder plan of action is revealed in these 7 powerful questions. Now follow the simple instructions and watch more profitable business ideas and profits flow. To your success!