Simple Business Ideas From Home – Let’s Be Real!

So maybe you are a stay-at-home mom? Perhaps you have been laid off, placed on disability, or are just having a difficult time making ends meet? Or maybe you are simply just tired of your job? Whatever the case may be, you are sitting in front of your computer reading articles and doing research on how to start making money from home. You have the desire but you still don’t quite have all of the answers you need and, hey, let’s be honest here, it is a scary decision. There are plenty of simple business ideas from home out there, but can you really earn significant income? Let’s talk about a few of the more popular options.

Start Your Own Website

I’m sure you have already thought about this. You can become an affiliate for other companies, you can find suppliers that will dropship for you, and you can sell items on your site that you never have to keep in inventory. Definitely sounds simple enough. In fact, one of my companies supplies items for hundreds of websites worldwide so I am VERY familiar with this way of doing business. It is effective and you can make some money if you have the proper marketing plan to drive traffic to your site. Unfortunately, I watch way too many people start up this type of business without a solid marketing plan. They spend tons of money and time getting a site up and running only to find out that they don’t get any orders. A fancy website with no traffic is really nothing more than an elaborate brochure. Looks nice, but it does not pay the bills.

Network Marketing (MLM)

A very viable option and definitely a valid way of doing business and you can generate significant income. The industry tends to get a bad rap because so many people fail. Why? Usually because most MLM companies will teach you to start by making a list of all your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc… You’ll spend the first month talking to them and if you’re lucky, some will join you. But if they don’t, people often get discouraged and if you do not have a “Plan B” for attracting good, qualified leads then you will find yourself quickly out of business.

Data Entry Jobs

This type of work is easily done from home and is great if you are already tied into a source that can give you work. If not, it could take quite a while for you to build up a clientele. Again, it comes down to your marketing efforts.

Notary Public

Easy enough to pass this test and be able to notarize wills, loan documents, Power of Attorneys, etc… Once again, this is perfect if you already have a source for business. But, if you do not, you better plan on getting out there and marketing yourself heavily because there is a lot of competition out there.


Did I mention competition? You won’t find more competition than on eBay. You can succeed at having an eBay store, but to do so, you better find a way of making yourself stand out against hundreds of other competitors.

Maybe you are starting to see a common theme here. There are MANY simple business ideas from home that you can start, even on a low budget, but the basic premise is the same as it always has been- it all comes down to marketing and you better have a solid plan in place otherwise you could find yourself spinning your wheels. I really can not stress this enough. In the past year, I watched as about 70% of the online stores that do business with my company had to shut down. After talking with some of them, I realized that their biggest mistake was that they did not have a real marketing plan. Yes, some of them paid thousands of dollars to companies promising to get them to page one of Google or Yahoo, but when that didn’t work they were quickly out of business.

So here’s the light at the end of the tunnel, or the “silver lining” if you prefer… Since it is clear that every business (old or new, online or traditional) MUST have a solid marketing plan, why not sell the marketing plan? Did you even know that you could do that? “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!” You can actually learn a marketing plan and sell that plan at the same time that you are using that plan to develop your own business. When and if you really grasp this concept, it will be one of those “light-bulb” moments for you. This is exactly what I did to not only give my businesses the boost they needed, but to also develop another income stream. I am living proof that it works. My online business now appears at the top of Google and Yahoo for very popular keyword searches within my industry, and it is NOT because of pay-per-click or shelling out thousands to a company filled with empty promises.

My friends, you CAN succeed with simple business ideas from home. But don’t just take my word for it! I will share my system with you and you can decide for yourself. Feel free to contact me at any time.

3 Top Notch Tips For A Successful Internet Home Business Idea

The best route to success for an internet home business idea is in the planning. For that you need to understand the 3 best techniques or required steps for success. Good information on how to proceed and what things to avoid can help keep you on the right track. This article provides you with 3 techniques to help show you the way. Following these suggestions will give you an edge and will raise your chances of success by 150 percent.

Here are 3 strategies or tips to having a successful internet home business idea.

1. Mindset: You must have the right mindset for your internet home business idea to develop that idea to a successful business.

Attitude is key to not failing. Many people have had a fantastic internet home business idea that they wish to implement but what often stops people in their tracks? Usually its themselves that prevents them from taking the action necessary or having the right attitude when things don’t fall right in line with the plan you originally had envisioned.

2. Knowledge: Without proper knowledge there is no way to be successful in implementation.

Just about as essential as the knowledge is the implementation of that knowledge to make your idea work. For example, let us say your idea is to build websites for people interested in making money online that have no skill in creating a site but are willing to pay you or others for that skill. Do you have the knowledge and skill to do that? If not, are you willing to learn that skill?

This is why knowledge about your idea or background is essential to your success. I want you to know that this isn’t something to ignore. It can help make the difference between a winning internet home business idea or failure. As I am sure you have heard countless times that “knowledge is power” and in this dynamic it is again.

3. Patience: This is a one of the most important tips I can give you. You might have a great internet home business idea. You also might have all the knowledge in the world but if you are not patient with yourself and your business this could be your downfall. Why?

The best entrepreneurs online will tell you that not everything happens overnight or goes exactly as planned. There are problems or delays that come up with projects, or goals not hit. Do not let this deter you. Make sure you stick to your plan, make adjustments when necessary, or even learn new things along the way that will help you implement your idea.

Lastly, when being patient please realize that patience and flexibility go hand in hand. When obstacles arise you have to be flexible to change how you do things when something is not going as well as originally or exactly as you envisioned. Do not lack patience for the reasons stated above. You will most likely agree that this needs to be avoided if at all possible!

We set forth in the beginning of this article 3 tips for a successful internet home business idea. You desperately should try to avoid not utilizing these tips which could lead to failure if ignored. What you want is the best internet home business idea on the planet and if you stick to the tips set forth above, you can find those results much easier to achieve.

6 Overlooked Ways to Create Your Business Idea

1) Optimism: There is no point in embarking on any venture, business or otherwise, without having buckets full of optimism. Keep a positive mind whatever you do to develop your idea. Whether it be research or convincing a spouse. Try to treat every failure or mistake as a learning opportunity.

2) Ask for advice: We often go to friends and family for advice, which is good. However, for really constructive advice and reaction to your business idea you may well be better asking others, even a perceived competitor. These people will often freely criticize. Do not take it as a personal criticism, use it to help you develop your idea further.

3) Put yourself in the customers shoes: Imagine you are a future customer of your own. What type of service or product would you be willing to pay for? What would you perceive as ‘value’ for what you have paid for. The perceived value of a service may differ greatly from the perceived value of a product. Think about this, as an example. Why are moms birthday cards so much more expensive than the other cards for sale?

4) Do your research: Every business, or the future development of that business, needs research. If you are in the process of ‘thinking about’ starting a business there will be a lot of things you need to research. Here are a few for you to consider;

# Your potential customer base. Will they be repeat customers?
# The need for what you are offering.
# The acceptable price.
# Your profit margin.
# Your time needed to implement start up.
# Your return on investment (ROI).

Consider this, many people under estimate the time and cost needed when starting a new venture.

5) Don’t burn your bridges: If you are already in a position where you have a career or job that pays the bills it may be a good idea to hold onto it whilst you create and implement your business idea. By doing this you may evaluate your idea better because you do not have to try the first idea you have. Already having an income can help provide stability in the early stages of your new venture. Think of it has being the college kid doing a part-time job to pay for the gas in his car whilst learning for his career.

6) Formulate a Business Plan: Once you have done your research you should really think about writing a business plan. This will benefit you by highlighting the good, and not so good, aspects of of your idea. You will also need a business plan if you need to get funding from a bank or a venture capitalist.

Although the above is not an exhaustive list on creating a business idea it will hopefully have given you ‘food for thought’.

Remember to be optimistic and keep a positive outlook.